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    Sinoma-EC always takes homebred research and development into account since its establishment. Now, by investment, merger and other approaches, Sinoma-EC already extend its business in mainframe equipment development and manufacture, which are applied at both home and abroad projects.

    Relying on its strongly capital advantage and professional technology R&D platform, Sinoma-EC developed and reserved world-class waste heat generating equipments, which helped Sinoma-EC built a integration equipment industrial chain of project investment, engineering, turnkey and equipment manufacturing.

    Sinoma-EC now owns more than 50 waste heat generation equipment manufacturers and eligible subcontractors. By devote major efforts on conformity, Sinoma-EC is becoming one of the most well-known domestic waste heat generation equipments suppliers.

    Sinoma-EC will strengthen the efforts on investment and development, extend its cooperation with domestic and overseas waste energy generation equipment manufacture companies and research institutions, build a whole set of business including equipment design, R&D, and manufacture, in order to establish a solid foundation for approaching to the world market of waste heat generation industry.