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    CDM Introduction

    With more attentions to environment and energy, building energy efficiency becomes the consequential selection to protect global environment and realize sustainable development. CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) is a new international cooperation mechanism to developing countries. It is a new task and challenge for most developing countries to understand and make effective use of this new mechanism to service for their sustainable development. China has already established its DNA and issued the “Interim Measures for Operation and Management of Clean Development Mechanism Projects in China”. With carrying out capacity building activities covering all related sectors at different levels, the Government of China actively promotes the implementation of the CDM project. By end of 2004, China has approved two CDM projects with issuing Letter of Approval.China is regarded as the largest potential market for CDM in the world, sharing 40-50% of the world market. To develop the potential market into a real market, a lot of work need to be done in the area such as improving the Interim Management Measures, approval procedures, and related policies; bring up local Chinese consulting capacities in order to reduce the transaction cost; and getting industries actively involved, and etc.More and more people are now aware of the CDM. It is believed that China will be able to make better use of this mechanism to contribute to the efforts to meet the challenge of climate change, and at the same time to serve for the sustainable development of Chinese economy.

    Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Business

    Sinoma-EC devotes to the CDM consultation and engineering service of related industries. It has signed long-term cooperation agreement with the direct carbon buyers of developed countries to provide CDM projects with overall services of technical documentation, project verification and realization of profits.