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    BOT & Cooperation

    BOT for build-operate-transfer, is a form of project financing, wherein an entity receives a concession from the private or public sector to finance, design, construct, and operate a facility for a specified period. After the concession period ends, ownership is transferred back to the granting entity.

    Investment modes

    The investment modes of Sinoma-EC are mainly BOT, and meanwhile concerning positive discussions about EMC, joint-venture operation and energy audit with high energy consumption enterprises in multi-type and multi-channel service way.
    Referring BOT projects, Sinoma-EC takes the responsibility of engineering design and development, investment and building, construction and commissioning, operational guidance and handover of property right.

    Cooperation Process

    Research and Proposal;
    Feasibility Analysis Report;
    Initial Design;
    Equipment and Construction Tender;
    Engineering Design and Development,
    Construction and Installation Test
    Operational Guidance and Handover of property right.