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    Long-term Spare Parts Supply and Maintenance Service Contract Signed with SCG, Thailand


        On 5 May 2017, Sinoma EC signed the long-term spare parts supply and maintenance service contract with SCG in Bangkok, according to which Sinoma EC has been authorized the direct service for the five turbine and generator units of its three plants under SCG, to provide the technical consultation, optimization, maintenance and supply of spare parts, etc. overall package after-sales service scheme.

        Mr.Wang Yi, Assistant President and GM of WHR Business Division of Sinoma EC, and Mr.Visut, Vice President of SCG, as the representative, signed the Contract.

        There has been a very long and good cooperation history and foundation between SCG and Sinoma EC,and this contract signing has further enhanced the relationship of the two strategic partners, represented the progressive internalization of Sinoma EC’s spare parts service, realized the value of spare parts as carrier to promote and extend the industrial service, and made the service philosophy of “continuous innovation and win-win cooperation”advocated by Sinoma EC a qualitative leap, to benefit the further improvement of the overall service system of Sinoma EC.

        SCG has more than 100 years history and is one of the most important cement manufacturers in the Southeast Asia area, as well as the important partner who Sinoma EC had the first time exported the WHR technology and equipment made in China to overseas. Over the past ten more years, Sinoma EC has supplied 5 sets of WHR power plants and biomass power plant for the 3 cement companies under SCG, which is running reliably and are bringing huge economic and social benefit to SCG.