CBC & Har Mar Superstar @Bowery Electric 4/24

Get all up in this.


And not a moment too soon, because this dude likes to get naked. We’re of course referring to Har Mar Superstar, the baldest, whitest, nakedest, cuddliest, hardest working sex bomb in America!

Four days after 4/20, we hit the Bowery Electric again with Mr. Superstar–ONLY THIS TIME WE’RE NOT JUST DJ’ING, WE’RE OPENING!! Along with Walking Shapes and Appomatox, son. This is gonna be a dirty, sweaty, sexy explosion of funk, R&B, rock, beats, and bodies! Bring yours!

Doors at 7:30PM! Tickets on sale nowwww.

We be all night,

–Tom, Kendra, Hilary, Shin, Jesse, Adina, Garrett and Tyler

CBC’s “Wolves” featured in Esquire’s ‘How I Rock It’ Series!

So this is neeews! Esquire chose one of our songs, “Wolves” to feature in the John Varvatos (Episode 3, Season 1) episode of their new series “How I Rock It”

Check your local cable listings for episode air times, or watch it on  Esquire On Demand from your cable provider, whut.


–Tom, Kendra, Hilary, Shin, Jesse, Adina, Garrett & Tyler

CBC & The Hounds Below @KFBK 03/20!!


We’re back at the Factory!

And how’s your winter going? Polar Vortex and whatnot, right? Yep. Anywho–good news! We couldn’t be luckier or more excited to be putting on a show with The Hounds Below (w/Jason from the Von Bondies), Minka (representing Philly), and Marco With Love!

This is gonna be an amazing night. These dudes don’t fuck around, you guys. WE WANT ALL THE BODIES. GIVE US THEM. Here’s how…

  1. Get your tickets and show details here.
  2. Strut on down to KFBK Thurs, March 20 at 8pm.
  3. Commence rockin’.


-Tom, Kendra, Hilary, Shin, Jesse, Adina, Garrett & Tyler

Mercury Lounge 1/31

Yo. After a really fun weekend in Philly and Boston with our old pals Aloud, we’re back in NYC! We’ll be hitting the stage at the Mercury Lounge to close out January with Emanuel and the Fear (yup)! Showtime is Friday, Jan 31, doors at 8. Get your tickets here!


Guess who’s coming to Philly Friday. This guy! We’re playing our first show ever at Milkboy tomorrow tonight with Shorty Boy Boy and many more. Doors are at 8, get your tickets here!

And, oh, hello Boston buddies! We’ll be in the neighborhood Saturday night at 9pm at Great Scott! We’re so excited to play with pals Aloud on their home turf for the first time–if you know anyone in town who hasn’t seen them live, tell them to get their tickets here.

Also, screw winter. seriously.

CBC & Friends @Bowery Electric! 11/19/13

CBC Live at Bowery Electric11/19/13


Holy crap, it’s winter already. But that’s totally cool (was that a pun? that was a pun, wasn’t it? sigh…), because we love a warm bar in winter, filled with our favorite people, and bursting with amazing live music! Next Tuesday, November 19, that bar will be the Bowery Electric and those friends will be our buddies Aloud, Owen Cohen,  Christina Taddonio–and hopefully, you!

We’re excited to gather up some super talented artists from Boston, Jacksonville, and our very own Brooklyn–we’re celebrating a phenomenal year of music and our new single, “Down“, out now on iTunes. Join us for a night of dancing, rock n’roll, friends, fuckery, and fuckin fun. Post haste. It’s cold outside, and dancing makes you sweat. So…yeah.

To RSVP, get tickets, and more info, find yourself here!  Tell all your friends to tell all their friends to meet our friends at Bowery Electric at 6:30PM sharp Tuesday, November 19th.

See you then!

Nighttime is the right time to be with the one you love,

–Tom, Kendra, Hilary, Shin, Jesse, Adina, Garrett & Tyler


Not only is October pretty much our favorite month, but it’s also CMJ month. This is exciting for a couple of reasons: a) it gives us an official excuse to drink all day and night and b) we get to play for you!

Also, we’ll be prowling around the city looking for trouble to get into, so if you know if any parties or shows we shouldn’t miss, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook. See yous out in ‘dem streets.

Get show details here, and RSVP to our first show at Bowery Electric here. When the sun goes down, let the double life begin!


Aaaaaand, we’re back! Just in time for pretty much the LAST DIY PARTY OF THE SUMMER, you guys. We’re playing VIBE THURSDAYS at FREE CANDY, this dope Brooklyn warehouse art space collective shindig thingamabob where the drinks come in plastic cups (i.e., cheap) and smoking inside is allowed after midnight (!!!!).

If you haven’t heard of it yet you will, it’s already played host to some awesome acts, and surprise guests like Taleb Kweli and Alicia Keys, among otherrrrz.

There will be dancing, guaranteed.

Doors are at 7PM. FREE with RSVP here.

Kk, see you there!

-Tom, Kendra, Hilary, Shin, Jesse, Adina & Garrett


It’s freaking August already. Sigh, summer’s almost over. We’re not officially depressed yet. But, you know…the wind is picking up, and the days already feel like they’re getting darker….

It’s a good thing we also enjoy the fall in the city, and a good thing that we get to close out August at one of our favorite venues.

SEGUE ALERT. We’re coming back to the Mercury Lounge on Thursday, August 29 and you can get tickets HERE

“I’ll never let go, Jack….”

–Tom, Kendra, Hilary, Shin, Jesse, Adina and Garrett